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RollCall streamlines attendance tracking. If you're a Salesforce user, you know the benefit of having all of your data in one place, but you also know how difficult it is to manage classroom data. When a class of 20 students meets for 10 weeks, that's 200 records you have to create manually or bulk upload from spreadsheets. RollCall creates all 200 records at one time and gives your teachers an easy interface to track attendance directly in Salesforce. 

RollCall works with Lightning, HEDA, and Communities, and if you don't have HEDA we have a version for you, too. Developed by 501Partners and HCA, RollCall was created in collaboration with our clients to be responsive to their needs. RollCall works for a variety of human services nonprofits, particularly those with training and youth services components. It's a great addition for K-12 schools that use Salesforce, as well as professional and continuing education providers and for-profit training centers. Check out our latest webinar for more details.

Fully customizable calendar for intuitive, visual attendance tracking


RollCall offers a customizable calendar for an easy view of courses. Teachers just click on the day's course to take attendance. Color-code by instructor or type of class, automatically skip holidays, and more. 



Instructors can easily log in and take attendance from anywhere, including their phone. Fully customize the attendance fields, status options, statistics, and even add student photos. 

Simple, fast attendance tracking lets you work in bulk, see photos of your students, and more