Getting Started with RollCall 3.11

RollCall 3.x is a course management system for Salesforce. It is designed for use as a stand-alone Salesforce app that provides course, session, enrollment, and attendance tracking; or as an extension for education institutions using HEDA.

If you've never used RollCall before, we recommend you start with our webinar overview (see below) and then work your way through the posts in the order listed below. You can also download the PDF manual.

Getting Oriented to RollCall

  1. Terminology (Standard Version or HEDA Version)
  2. Icons
  3. The RollCall Calendar and Course Lists

Course Setup and Management

  1. Creating courses
  2. Canceling a session
  3. Rescheduling a session
  4. Canceling an entire course
  5. Changing the schedule or other edits for an entire course

Student Management

  1. Enrolling students
  2. Dropping students
  3. Taking attendance

Advanced Customization

  1. Colors and Logo
  2. Fields on search, search results, take attendance, roster  (documentation coming soon)
  3. Adding a photo to the roster (documentation coming soon)
  4. Holiday skip dates
  5. Architecture and reporting considerations (documentation coming soon)
Paul Baxter