Creating a New Course

You should create new Courses prior to each term or semester.  RollCall is not designed to create sessions or attendance records in the past, so it's important that you have your courses created before the first session begins.

1. Click the Admin button

2. Click “Add New Course”

3. Complete the following fields with information about the  course:

  • Course Name (required) - enter the course name in accordance with your naming conventions.
  • Year (required) - enter the calendar year during which the course is being taught.  
  • Term/Session (required) - enter the term or session for the course (eg: Winter, Spring, Summer.)  This field is required.
  • Course Status (required) - is defaulted to "Planned."  Note that there are automations that will automatically set the course status to "In Progress" on the day listed as start date, and "Completed" (if the course is not canceled), on its end date (Required.)  
  • Instructor - look up to the contact record for the instructor of this course.  
  • Max Enrollment - the total number of spaces available in this course. This will be used to display remaining seats and help with enrollment management.
  • Frequency - (required)  How often per week or month the class is held
  • Class Duration (in Minutes) (required) - How long the class lasts.  This is used in displaying the course calendar.

4. After entering the Course Details, enter the Days and Times to construct the Session schedule.

  • Start Date (required) - the day of the first meeting of class. 
  • End Date (required) - the day of the last meeting of class.  
  • Day(s) of the week (at least one required) - Check one or more days for your course meeting.
  • Start Time (required) - You must use military (24 hour) time; e.g. 09:00 for 9 AM, 15:00 for 3 PM. You must enter a meeting time for all days checked.


Note: end Time is calculated based on Class Duration and Start Time.

When you click Save, every session of the Course will appear on the Calendar.

Technical note: when you click Save, an automation built into RollCall will use the Start and End Dates, days of week, start time, and frequency to create all necessary Session records, skipping any holidays defined in your system.