Enroll a New Student

All students must exist as Contacts in your Salesforce before you can connect them to a course (via a Course Enrollment record in RollCall Standard edition, and via a Course Connection record in RollCall HEDA edition.) The process of enrolling a student guides you through searching contacts, creating a new contact, and finally enrolling the student into the selected course.

1. Start from the Course

You can start the process of enrolling a student from four places in RollCall:

  1. The "Enroll New Student" icon from instruction->Active Courses (image left, below.)
  2. The "Enroll New Student" icon from instruction->All Courses.
  3. The "Enroll New Student" icon from admin->Course Admin (image right, below.)
  4. Any Course Roster page, by clicking the "Enroll New Student" button at the top of the page.



2. Search For the Student

Once you have clicked the icon or button to begin the enrollment process, you can search for the student by first name, last name, email address, phone number, or any combination of these. The search is a partial search with no wildcards required, meaning that if you can't remember how to spell someone's name, you can enter the first letter or two and the search will find any match in the system.

Technical note: your system administrator can change the search criteria to better match your organization's needs.

Search for students by any combination of fields

3a. If the student is not found

If your search results do not return a match, or returns some students but not the ones you're looking for, you are able to add a new student by clicking the "Add New Student" button. You will be taken to a screen to enter basic information about the student.

Technical note: your system administrator can adjust the fields on this screen to make them match your organization's needs.

Enter details about a new student as part of the enrollment process


3b. If the student is found

If your search results return the student you're looking for, you can click the "Enroll" icon on the row that contains the student you wish to enroll in this course.

The default behavior is to prevent duplicate enrollments of the same student in the same course. If you attempt to add a student to a course they're already enrolled in, you will get an error message popup and will not be allowed to proceed. Note that your systems administrator can adjust the setting in case you need to enable multiple enrollments in one course (e.g. for guest enrollments).

Enroll a student from search results

4. Enrollment Screen  

Whether you enroll your student from the search results screen in step 3b, or add a new student first as in step 3a, you will be taken to a simple enrollment screen. The default status is "Enrolled," which will schedule the student for all upcoming course sessions.

By default, the student will only be enrolled in sessions beginning today and in the future, and will not be enrolled in past sessions for this course. If you are enrolling a student after the course has begun, and need to indicate attendance for a past session, choose the appropriate session from the "Enroll as of" field.

When you click "Save," you will be taken to the course roster, where you can confirm that your student was successfully enrolled. You can also enroll another student in this course from the roster screen by clicking the "Enroll New Student" button at the top of the screen.

Jenn Taylor