Take Attendance

Taking Attendance in RollCall

Click to take attendance

Click to take attendance

Start from the Course Calendar tab and click on the date of the session for which you want to take attendance. You can do this from any view: month, week, day, or list. 





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You can start the "take attendance" process from the session list for any course.

You can also start the "take attendance" process from any of the course list screens (Active Courses, All Courses, Course Admin) that show the session grid icon. The session window that appears has a "Take Attendance" button for each session.




The Take Attendance Page

All students who are scheduled to attend the selected session will appear on the Take Attendance page. Your system administrator may choose to show a small photo of students on this page. 

At the top of every Take Attendance page are some useful navigational tools:

  1. View - By default, the attendance page appears in Edit mode. You can click "View" to take it out of edit mode, which makes the page more printer-friendly. 
  2. Course Roster - Enroll a new student and see phone numbers and email addresses from the Roster screen.
  3. Search / Filter bar - This filters within the page. It's a quick way to filter and find a student's record on this page; just start typing and your attendance list will get shorter and closer to matching whatever you're looking for.


    The top of every Take Attendance page contains some useful navigational tools.

    You can bulk edit any field on the Take Attendance page, with the attendance status being the most commonly edited field.

    1. Put a check in the the top left box to select all students - you can uncheck students that you do not wish to bulk edit.
    2. Click the gears icon above whichever column you'd like to bulk edit.

    Check the students you want to edit. Click the gears to bulk edit any editable field.

    When you click the gears icon, a box will appear, prompting you to enter whatever you would like to apply to all checked records. For example, if you would like to mark every checked student as "Attended" you would:

    1. Click the gears above "Status."
    2. Choose "Attended" from the list.
    3. Click "Bulk Edit" to apply your changes to all checked students.

    The bulk edit box - choose "Attended" and click "Bulk Edit" to apply to all checked students.


    Review Past Attendance and Notes

    You will notice icons next to each student. Your system administrator may change what is displayed in each of the popups that result from clicking these icons, but they are meant to allow a teacher easy access to prior attendance and notes for this course. 


    When you click the "View All Notes" icon, a list of past attendance and notes for the student will appear.

    Jenn Taylor