Setting Up Holiday Skip Dates

RollCall provides automatic scheduling of courses based on the schedule you set up during course creation or edit. RollCall 3 introduces automatic holiday skip. For any date that you have indicated is a holiday skip date, RollCall will not create a course on that date.

Like everything else in RollCall, we do not perform any automated operations on past courses, sessions, or attendance records. The holiday functionality is meant to be proactive - you should set up your schedule before creating courses that are impacted by the holiday.  The holiday functionality also does not remove existing courses if you've already scheduled them. If you've already scheduled the class, add a new holiday in the future, and reschedule the class, the future holiday will be skipped. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 10.26.41 AM.png

1. Click the gear icon to go to the admin section of RollCall. You will be put onto the Course Admin page.

2. Click on "Holidays" to go to the list of holiday dates that will be skipped.

Holidays are accessible through the admin portion of RollCall

By default, RollCall ships with the standard US holidays skipped. Any row with a check in the "Do Not Schedule Classes on this Day?" box is indicated as a day you do not teach classes. No class will be scheduled on that day by the automated scheduler. 

Click the "Edit" link in the upper left corner to check or uncheck existing holidays.


Holidays are currently added one day at a time.

  1. Click "Add New Holiday"
  2. Add the name of the holiday (e.g., "Our Company Retreat")
  3. Add the date of the holiday
  4. Check the box under "Skip" to ensure classes are not created on this date
  5. Add a note about this holiday if you want.

You can also bulk upload holidays from a spreadsheet.  The spreadsheet could contain the following fields:

Name, Date, Skip?, Notes

Skip should be TRUE or FALSE (no quotes.) Date should be in the format required by your uploader (usually YYYY-MM-DD for Salesforce's data loader, and MM/DD/YYYY for  Your systems administrator can use any bulk uploader tool to create records in the RollCall Holidays object. 

Help us serve our communities better! If you have a list of holidays that are commonly skipped by you and your peer organizations (that is - are you a Christian school? A Hindu after school program?) we would be happy to provide them here to make holiday management easier for the whole RollCall community. Contact us for more information or to provide a calendar upload.

Jenn Taylor