Rescheduling a Session

The session schedule is driven by the Class Start Date and Time and Class End Date and Time fields on the Session record. These are the fields that control the calendar display.

At the moment, RollCall does not support rescheduling a session through the custom UI. While a systems administrator is welcome to add the Session Date and Time field to the Admin Session layout, we don't feel the user experience is quite ready for prime time so we're keeping this one a native Salesforce task.

The instructions below show Lightning, but most steps work exactly the same for Classic. Note that you can of course navigate to an individual session using standard Salesforce functionality in any way that is more comfortable for you - this is just our preferred / recommended path.

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 10.12.59 AM.png
  1. If you are in full-screen RollCall (that is, you don't see any part of regular Salesforce), click on the cloud icon to exit into regular Salesforce first. 
  2. Use the native Salesforce Search function to find the course record (or course offering, if you're using HEDA.)
  3. Once you're on the Course record, use the Sessions related list to find the session you need to reschedule.

From the session record, you will need to change the following:

  1. Session Date - if the date has changed.
  2. Class Start Date/Time - Note, this is a Date/Time field, so you must enter the date and time in the correct Salesforce format for your locale.
  3. Class End Date/Time

Note that the attendance records tied to this session will not be renamed, but they are attached to the correct date/time in all statistics and reporting. Your systems administrator can set up a Process Builder to rename all linked attendance records if this is important for your organization; the names of the attendance records are just a convenience and are not really used in the RollCall user experience.

Jenn Taylor